WordPress Maintenance Redesigns Speed Issues Mobile Ready? Security & Backups

WordPress is a great platform for small business, but if your website is having issues we will fix them for you

Common WordPress Issues

Slow Loading

If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load studies have shown many visitors will have left already. Luckily there are tools and methods to fix this problem fast.

Broken On Mobile

If your website is old or just badly designed then it may not look good on mobile, with the audience switching to predominantly mobile browsing this needs fixing.

Lacking Content

Business websites should have an optimal format proven to convert. If your website is lacking any of these features then an overhaul may be required.

Badly Designed

Website design moves fast, if your site is old or badly designed to begin with it may be time for a complete redesign to make sure your website is performing.

Security Breached

If your site has been hacked then it may not be too late to restore it. If restored it is important to put systems in place to prevent any future issues.

Broken Code

WordPress websites all need to be maintained, if the framework is neglected then not only will your site eventually break, it will also be open to hacking attempts.

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